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Online Business Boss

Transform your offline business into a successful online moneymaker and/or finally start that online business.



A few years ago I was almost hitting burnout and had to turn my offline fitness coaching business into an online business in rapid tempo: I had some savings, but not enough to give me peace of mind. I didn’t have a choice - I needed to find a way to change my business model, continue serving people, and make money while I was at it.  


I went from being a nearly broke and overwhelmed personal trainer to being a successful online business owner in a matter of weeks. A few months later, I broke my ankle and realized how lucky I was: I had already set up my online business and I could continue from the couch!  

Right now we are in the midst of Corona chaos and I see people in the service-based industry f r e a k i n g out.

I totally get it, I do.

Which is why I got to action immediately when the Lockdown news broke: put my hair up in a bun, did a few lives, talked to all my clients and many people in my audience and realized I possessed something people needed right now: the knowledge of how to turn your offline business into an online business.

Do you feel like you are losing all your income and have no clue where to get started online?

Are you scared you’re gonna run out of money, run out of paying clients and will have to close up your business in a few months?



Do you want to...

  • Transform your service-based business into an online success story?
  • Attract new potential clients with automated systems?
  • Generate extra cashflow online?
  • Create financial stability and security in your business?
  • Learn which systems you can use to start confidently on this next chapter of your business?

Then the Business Boss Online course is exactly what you need right now.


What past clients think of Online Business Boss:

"Hi Amy. I just wanted to let you know that the Business Boss course has made me grow so much in such a short period of time. Last month I made 2k in revenue, and that with my business only being a side hustle.

It might not be the biggest jump, but it is in fact one which is making me very very happy!! Thanks so much!"


"Today was the last day people were able to buy my online course at the launch price. I had set a sales target for myself and ended up passing that target, so happy me! I immediately reinvested the revenue in myself and my business so I can perform even better with my next online product!

So glad I followed this course! It was the virtual kick in the butt I needed!"

Stephanie Wauters

"Fun fact: I've already made back the €150 I invested in the course before my shop is even online. I spoke a lot about what I was planning to do with what I learned in the course (had many DM questions) and a lot of different people already starting making orders!

You're the best coach!"

GREG Elysian Beauty and Care

Receive 4 video modules to help you and your business go online

Watch these video modules and in only 2 hours you will be able to continue!
Aside from that, you will get some extra technical tutorials too.

  • In the Online Business Boss course we will go through the exact systems you need to transform your offline offers into online possibilities.
  • I will teach you how to attract potential new clients, get a grip on technical systems and start offering your service online.
  • I will teach you the exact systems I use and hundreds of my clients have used to turn their business into a financial and personal success.

Why wait? Become an Online Business Boss today!