Master your sales and marketing.

A 6-month business coaching program that lays the foundations of your success!

What if you could step into a 'business elevator'...

At the level you are right now, and get out 10 levels higher a few months later?​

This is what we do in the The Business Freedom Elevator™. 

We've started the program in Dutch, and since it's a huge success
we'll soon start working on an English version as well!

The Business Freedom Elevator™ will guide you step by step in building and growing your business,
all at your own pace, yet with guidance from me and my amazing team.

Do you also feel like...

But do you also want to...

  • You've worked so hard, but at the end of the month can hardly make ends meet?
  • You're an employee in your own business, and you almost forget why you started your business in the first place?
  • You have no clarity about your next steps?
  • You constantly have too little time at the end of the week to execute your ideas and finish up your to-do list?
  • You have no clear direction or structure to reach your goals?
  • Know that you have a stable and recurring income, every month?
  • Attract your ideal clients?
  • Communicate your prices and sell your services with confidence?
  • Open your bank account with joy because you know there is coming in more than there's going out?
  • Automate your income and organization?
  • Have the time to finally make those great ideas come true?
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people, that are just as ambitious as you are, believe in you, and pull you through when things get rough?

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What others say about
Amy's coaching

"Amy is the best business coach you can imagine!"
"During my participation in Amy’s BFM (Business Freedom Mastermind), I have grown enormously as an entrepreneur and as a person! From business basics such as “What the heck is a sales funnel?” or “How do I launch a new offer?”, to your money mindset and limiting beliefs of which you didn't know were holding you back, to how to run a successful business while also having a life."


"In only a week and a half (not even a month into coaching) I received more than 2000 euros in new contracts thanks to Amy's no-bullshit strategies."


"After one month of coaching, Amy gave me enough confidence to take a new direction with my business. I started this coaching program and it was such a success, I earned my full investment of the Business Freedom Mastermind back in only 2 months, while still in the program."


Do you want to...

  • Have a roadmap that takes you to consistent months of 7k, or even 10k?
  • Have brand awareness in your sector?
  • Attract your ideal clients?
  • Never doubt your sales and numbers again?
  • Launch successfully, over and over again?
  • Work ON your company instead of IN your company?
  • Scale your revenue further than you thought was possible?

Then the Business Freedom Elevator™ is exactly what you need.

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