After calculating your hourly worth, you:

  • Know what hourly rate you need to comfortably make ends meet each month
  • Feel confident charging the money you know your time is worth 
  • Can hit your targets and grow your business without working around the clock

Hourly Worth Calculator

Discover your hourly rate and charge your worth

Are you working yourself to the bone, but still struggling to make ends meet? Or did you set your prices based on intuition, wondering what you should truly be charging? It’s time to make the energy you invest in your work match the energy (read: money) you receive in return.

That’s why I created the Hourly Worth Calculator, an easy tool that helps you determine the hourly rate you should charge based on important information like your monthly expenses and desired working hours. 

All you need to do is fill in the right information and the calculator does the rest. Take the first step towards a fulfilling professional life by calculating your hourly worth today!