The 4 Million Launch


“Launching is not for me. I'm not far enough along with my business yet." I’ve heard this so many times, because apparently, a lot of entrepreneurs think they should already have an extensive product suite and at least five people working for them before they’re ‘ready’ to start launching.

That’s not true. At all. I know because 
I did my first 7-figure launch when I had only 1 employee and 1 core product. The past 2 years, I launched for over 4 million in revenue with only 2 products. Of course, this did not happen by accident. I put in the work and spent years studying what I call ‘the science of launching’.

In this free training, I share my most valuable learnings and best practices you can use to get into launching yourself.

I want to know


😅 You feel like launching is impossible without a large product suite
😅 You’re 
tired of selling every single day and want to learn how to create big cash injections
😅You’ve heard lots of different launch strategies and are
 clueless about what works and what doesn’t


🥂 I've made over 4 million in revenue in just over 2 years with 2 products thanks to launching
🥂 You can
 implement my best practices that resulted in 6 and 7-figure launches in your business
🥂 You can avoid the launch mistakes I made and 
scale your launch revenue even faster

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  • 3h training
  • English, Dutch subtitles
  • €199 vat incl.