Business Freedom Elevator™

From broke and burned-out to fully booked with ease:
an online business coaching program with 6 months of live coaching.

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When I started my business more than 6 years ago, I wanted 2 things: to help other people and to create financial stability for myself.

I worked my ass off and gave it everything I got, but the results were disappointing.

I said yes to every client asking me if I could see them, but at the end of every month, I found myself stuck in the same place as where I'd started out.

I felt like a hamster stuck in its wheel. Exhausted, with few financial means to survive, and without a way out or even a chance to grow.

I dreamed of working with clients that would give me as much energy as I'd give them, of weekends where I would actually have time off, and of a luscious bank account.

When my body shut down and I lost all of my income at once, I realized it was time for a massive change.

I decided to start working ON my business, instead of keeping busy working IN my business.


  • I'm a homeowner and financially independent.
  • I decide what my calendar looks like, not my clients.
  • I help +1000 active clients to build the business of their dreams on their own terms.

Do you feel like...

  • You're working your ass off, but at the end of the month, you feel like nothing has changed?
  • Your business is stuck and you don't know how to get out of it?
  • You never have any time to work on all the great ideas you have for your business, or to even get your to-do list done?

And do you also want to...

  • Attract your ideal clients and make an impact?
  • Communicate your prices confidently, and close new sales?
  • Be glad to look at your bank account, because you know you're making more than you're spending?

The Business Freedom Elevator™ is perfect for you!

The Business Freedom Elevator™ lets you enter the elevator at your own level,
to come out 10 levels higher and stronger.

You'll develop the first building blocks for your scalable and automated business, so you can run it with confidence and authority.

How does it work?

The Business Freedom Elevator™ consists out of online video modules, supplemented by 6 months of live coaching sessions.

During these 6 months, the video modules will be dropped chronologically and you'll receive 1h of live group coaching every week to put all of this knowledge & tools into action.

You'll get:

  • lifelong access to the 9 video modules with simple assignments, help videos, and bonuses.
  • 1h of live group coaching every week for 6 months with Amy, Team FastForward, and guest coaches.
  • access to the BFE™ support community, where you'll find support from team FFA and your fellow coachees.

Do you want to...

  • Boost your brand awareness?
  • Attract your ideal client?
  • Win over new clients with confidence?
  • Work ON your business instead of IN your business?
  • Create freedom in your time and finances?

The Business Freedom Elevator™ is exactly what you need right now!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BFE™ work?

The BFE™ program consists of online video modules that will be at your disposal forever, supplemented with 6 months of live coaching sessions.

This means you'll get 1h of live group coaching with Amy, Team FastForward, and guest coaches every week for 6 months, Aside from that, you'll get access to the BFE™ support community, in which you'll be supported by Team FastForward and your fellow coachees.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Every month, we'll have a:

  • Focus & Goals session in which Amy will ensure you keep your focus on your goals, finances, and long-term vision.
  • Business Case session in which Amy will audit who does what and will discuss cases on mindset, sales struggles,... You can send in your business case and the challenges you're facing beforehand, and Amy will coach you and your colleagues on this specific struggle.
  • Content Cowork in which we'll work on the preparation of your content. This session is all about accountability in which all of the coachees will work on their specific content. Whether it's social media posts, stories, or emails you're struggling with - we've got your back!

These sessions will be expanded with extra sessions by Amy, Team FastForward, and guest coaches, depending on the needs of the BFE™ community, e.g. extra sessions on launching, email marketing, guest sessions, etc.

What if I miss a live coaching session?

All of the coaching calls will be recorded and will be available to you the next day as a replay.

You'll have access to all of the replays during your 6-month coaching program and 5 years after, so don't worry if you miss a session once in a while, there's enough time to get back on track!